Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dolls and Jewels galore..

It's been a really long time since I blogged. And quite honestly, I've just been sort of in a bubble. My own bubble of creating. I've blocked out the world to focus on me.  I have all these ideas in my head that need to come to fruition because it will in fact drive me insane if I don't create. I jot them down then I start a project. A very tedious one at that. These projects are very detailed, in which I think I'm done but really I'm not.

The last time I blogged was about three dolls in black. So far..

Honestly, I'm not in a rush to get things done. If I rush, then they just don't come out right and then what's the point?? 

As I continue working on each doll, the themes change, the colors sometimes change. In other words, I can't make plans. I've tried really hard to plan them out as carefully as possible but I ALWAYS change them around.I even went out, bought a binder specifically for doll making, labeling each section and I have yet to continue using it. It's sort of like getting a day-planner and never using the thing. So, I'm thinking that purchasing and designing a binder is more like swimming up stream, as opposed to swimming down stream. My creativity gets shut off and I can't think with an organized binder. I can't say that for everything though. Only this. 

Anyways, I've got so many other things in the works besides these three dolls. I've recently began creating my own jewelry. And I think the reason why is because I've become so fascinated with gemstones and their metaphysical properties. Here are some examples;

These are just of few of the jewelry items that I've been making.

I also have been working on new dolls with jewelry chains. Chains with real gemstone beads to use as a tool for healing. A couple of examples;

The one with the polka dotted dress is "Skyler the scholar" who focuses on school. She's going to be a doll that hangs from a chain made with florite beads and tiger's eye stones. These stones are used for focus. Florite crystals are used to aid in focus mostly for studying. 

The one with the stripped bust is "Petrina the party girl". I'm creating this doll for those who need to let out their inner 10 year old, enjoy life a little more, have fun and stop taking things so seriously. The bead on this specific chain will be rose quartz for loving yourself and others. 

I'm really enjoying what I'm doing at the moment and I'm just now starting to open my new Etsy Shop. I'm currently working hard on my inventory, and I want things to be just right. Take care.

Hugs from afar..