Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Doll I gave to my Long Lost Friend Gertrude. 

This dolls name is "Gertrude the Actress"

Actually my friend is not lost, I ended up moving away and I haven't seen her in years. So, I sent her this doll, it reminds me of her because she loves theater and I wanted to capture a more theatrical look.  

I'm in love with any kind of fabric that is silky or has a satin feel. I decided to use brocade fabric and sort of a netting underneath this doll. The scarf wrapped around her is lace from an estate sale. The head, arms, and legs are clay and the body is cloth. I loved making this doll, and I'm glad she is in a good home now.

Till next time,

Dolly XXXXXXX's and OOOOOO's