Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coffee, W.I.P's, and completed dolls

I'm getting very addicted to coffee once again. I'm really going to try not to drink so much of it, but man is it GOOD!

Anyways, I don't know that I've showed this doll I recently finished.

I posted this on FB and a lot of people really like her. She really came along way since I started her. I made this doll completely from my own sketches. The clothes are made from vintage linens. I'm making a few more of these "Gypsy Traveller" dolls.

I've made five bodies and prepared five stands. Once these are done I plan on posting them on Etsy before I become too attached. That's one thing about being a doll-maker that's difficult; you become so attached to the dolls that you make that you don't want to give them up. They become like your babies.

I also completed two chain dolls

 This one's name is "Luna" it is a Latin girl's name.

She has black tourmaline beads which are used for protection against negativity, evil spirits etc. I love working with that particular crystal.

 Here is a much better close up of the chain itself. These types of dolls are for hanging only.

 Here's the next one

 I named this doll "Phoebe" which stands for bright moon in Greek. I made this chain to help assist someone with remembering to have fun and not to take life too seriously. 

I'm almost done with my Mary Shrine. I never thought I would come close to finishing it, but I am and it's going to go up for sale when it's done. 

Till next time,

Keep Smiling...