Monday, May 5, 2014

Traveling Gypsy Series dolls and living in tranquilty..

Gypsy dolls

I know that Gypsies don't have a very good reputation. As a matter a fact they have a horrible reputation. But I've always been someone who has moved around a lot in life and have lived out of a vehicle mostly in my 20's by choice. Some people used to call me a Gypsy because of that lifestyle. I did some research online about Gypsies and found some very interesting photos. this one in particular from the website called "Up For Anything"

           Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
 I think the information given is pretty interesting. and it's very interesting to see how people lived back then and why they lived that way. 

Here are some photos from a website called  "Vintage Everyday"
of Gypsies

 Not a whole lot of glamor going on is there?? Well of course not, they were very poor. That's just the way it was and still sort of is for many gypsies these days.

Anyways, I decided to make a cute group of traveling gypsy dolls. This one below is the first one of the series. I really had no idea what I was going to do with this doll. I always have a plan on what kind of doll I'm going to be making, but it never, I mean it NEVER turns out the way I plan it to. I always change the doll to a completely different theme all together.  I went online to find a cute Gypsy name for a girl. I have to say most of the names I found I didn't like and I couldn't pronounce. I did find the name "Freedom" which is supposed to be a name derived from England. So here she is so far..       


Freedom is an old Romani Gypsy name for a girl. I still need to add some beads and sew some parts. After that I'll be working on another one. I would like to make a group including men, children and babies. I'll be using light soft colors and sweet facial expressions.

 I'm using vintage linens and laces that I picked up at my local thrift shop which supports the Human Society in Prescott Arizona. I also purchased sweaters for repurposing for doll clothes. I always get asked by the clerk behind the counter on what I plan on doing with sweaters during the summertime. And I always say, "I make doll clothes". They always tell say "Why don't you just use baby clothes?"  Then I say "Because it's not the same, they won't fit right. Besides these clothes are like ultra mini adult clothes for adult type dolls not babies". I guess people won't understand unless they actually make dolls themselves. 

Besides the Gypsy dolls. I came across a really great find online. I found an article about how to start writing "Morning Pages". A morning page is actually three pages of long hand writing that you do in the morning. You let out exactly what you are thinking before doing anything in the morning and this in turn helps you not carry around anger all day long. It also helps you figure out things that you have questions to. I like to write, I enjoy it but I never did that in the morning and just "let it all out" so to speak. There are a lot of people who have gotten great results in other areas of their life because of doing morning pages. 

 Till next time,

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