Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Working on "Rosie" again. #3 in the Whimsical Gypsies Doll Series.

 In a previous posting I had stated that I finished "Rosie", well I kept looking at her and thought to myself that she was missing something. She really didn't have enough detail. So I cut open her shawl and sewed seam binding on it and made a tie on the front as you can see. I also added a collar with a button. I then made her sleeves puffy by sewing the thread in and pulling on it. I also added an apron. I almost feel like she's done, but she's not. I want to add some flowers on her hat and of course I have to add my personalized name tag on her butt, which is something I do with all my dolls.
Anyways, I know people don't read blogs that much anymore, but I write like people read mine. ha ha! It really does help me to keep track of what I'm doing in order to make sure I don't 1. Do something that doesn't work again, 2. learn to see what changes I need to make and master that and 3. To see how far I've come. In case these dolls happen to land in someone else's home, I can go back and reference them just by looking at this blog. Anyways, here's Rosie before

 You can see there is a difference now. It's late at night but I know that I'll be up anyways so I'm going to see how much further I can go with Rosie.