Sunday, April 20, 2014

My favorite dollmaker of all time and other tid bits of my WIP'S

The not so personal diary of a dollmaker..

My thoughts for today..

My favorite dollmaker of all time is Nancy Latham

I first found her on YouTube quite a few years ago because I was searching for "handmade dolls" so I could see what others make and how they make their dolls. So I came across Nancy's videos and to this day, I STILL watch them from time to time. 

I love the fact that Nancy  uses so many different colors and her mind just goes completely wild when she creates dolls. She has no fear. What really surprised me is that she's not afraid to reach deep down and create with her darker side. Now that is a FEARLESS woman! (not to mention the creepy music she adds to her videos.. nice touch!) 

Anyways, I try to emulate the trait of being fearless because there are times I say "no, I shouldn't do that because people might think I'm crazy or weird."But quite honestly, who gives a damn what others think and say, I don't make dolls to appease anyone, I do it so I can be creative and "go wild" so to speak. If I don't do what I want when I make dolls then what is the point??

I think people worry too much about conforming to society and the way that society thinks. If we just follow our passion and desires to do what we want without giving a damn what others think then I think we then find our true selfs and we also find true happiness. I remember a time when I was told what I should and should not be doing with my life. I listened and I was miserable. I understand that there are times when you have to do what you have to do to pay bills and live, but that doesn't mean give up what makes you YOU and what makes you the happiest. There has to be time for that. 

So, anyways before I continue on with more rambling. I wanted to show a couple of projects I've been working on. 

The first thing that I've been working on is a shrine. It's supposed to be a place to pray and store your rosary. I went to the thrift shop and found this a couple of months ago. Someone hand carved this..

This is about 18 inches tall. I found it at a Goodwill and automatically thought of Immaculate Conception Mary, Mother Mary, The Virgin Mary.. etc etc. I don't know if the person who carved this had that idea or not but that is who I thought of immediately. So, I bought it and took her home to paint. Now she looks like this..

I read this story about Saint Bernadette at the Gratto and how she saw "Mary". Mary told her "I'm the Immaculate Conception". Saint Bernadette also reported that she saw a yellow rose on each foot. This story inspired me to make a shrine or rosary/prayer box. 

I had my significant other go to Homedepot to buy wood and make a box. This is a total mess right now but this is as far as I have gotten.

Once it's all done; all will be revealed. What a mess.. look at my steam cleaner in the back! ha ha! 

The next project is a doll that I originally wanted to make as an heirloom doll. I went to a thrift shop in downtown Prescott Arizona and found some vintage linens which included handkerchiefs and some cute lacy table doilies that you put on a table. There was a pack of them. I thought I could use them to make an old vintage looking doll. So I started creating that then I changed my mind because I was watching "Little Red Riding Hood" on the SYFY channel. I thought, why don't I just make her instead.. she's do much cuter; I mean seriously, the cape and long hair the basket of food she takes to her Grandma's house etc.. This is what she looks like so far..

I have so much work to do on this and this is not a very good picture nor is it a good angle. I had to leave it like this because her head is drying..

The bust part is a very small vintage pillow case that I just stuffed and sewed closed, the skirt are some linens that are shaped like place mats for a dining room table. There's some old vintage lace that I got from an estate sale. 

I went to a thrift shop today and found some perfect red fabric to make her cape with. It's just an old curtain panel but it's going to be perfect for the cape. I'm thinking blonde hair and blue eyes too.. It just looks more innocent that way, however I could change my mind.. as I always do.

Till next time,

Dolly XXXXXXX's and OOOOOO's