Sunday, April 13, 2014

Little updates, little dolls.

Is Doll Making easy?? It really isn't easy because it takes a lot of thought, concentration, trial and error etc etc.  I think people know that though. Everytime I show my work to someone they always say "That looks really hard to do". It's not like climbing up a steep mountain, or studying for a test it's just a lot of thought and concentration on what you are doing. You have to keep changing things as you go along, even if you sketch it out there's always changes.

I have this drive inside me where I just have to do it. I have to make dolls. For some odd reason I just have too or I'll keep on thinking about it till I make a move and start.

Some Tiny Dolls I've been working on..
Here's Patty the party girl.. Let out your inner 10 year old and have some fun.. I just have to put the chain on her and she'll be ready to be adopted.

Skyler the Scholar. Here to help you concentrate with your studies. Ya, she needs her chain too..

A couple of rag doll children. I got a free pattern online for the girl. I made the boy with the same pattern, I just couldn't leave the girl all alone.

(The boy needs the rest of his clothes.. Poor thing!)

Here's a little doll in a jewelry box, I haven't finished yet..

So, this is what I'm working on so far. I have another project going in the garage. It's a shrine and I'll upload that information in the next blog.

Till next time,

Dolly XXXXXXX's and OOOOOO's